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Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Strategic Program Design (Germinating)

When you have a desire to bring people together or create an educational opportunity, I can help you take stock of your goals and develop a program plan fit to your context.




Adaptive Project Management (Branching)

Good ideas need organization and structure. Yet too much structure can impede emergence. I bring tools to codify your processes that adapt and flow based on new information. 


Organizational Design (Trellising)

Mission-driven organizations tend to be organized highly adaptively, which enables consistent pivoting and iterating towards the most impactful work. I provide thought partnership rooted in adaptive leadership principles as you refine organizational strategy and structure.


Virtual Facilitation (Harvesting)

I bring deep experience in facilitating and designing high-quality virtual meetings. I can provide advice and implementation power to support your next virtual event or meeting. 

Approaches are best when fit to context but the above gives a sense of what I offer.
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